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NGC 832



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X-ray observations of five galaxy-quasar associations.
Five examples of close associations of quasars with bright, low redshiftgalaxies have been observed in X-ray wavelengths with ROSAT. In thethree cases where the galaxies are detected strongly, the nuclei of thegalaxies have X-ray extensions in the direction of the adjacent quasars.In all cases the active galaxies and bright quasars are located at theorigin of apparent lines or pairs of X-ray sources, some involvingfilamentary X-ray connections to fainter quasars or candidate bluestellar objects. A number of X-ray sources in these fields are found tobe in excess of average background values. The filaments and connectionshave measured fluxes of 0.1<~F_X_<~2x10^-13^erg/cm^2^/s and theytend to radiate more strongly in the harder end of the 0.1-2.4keV energyband. Tables of positions and properties of the detected X-ray sourcesin each field are given and candidates for optical identifications aredescribed.

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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:02h10m05.00s
Aparent dimensions:0.234′ × 0.191′

Catalogs and designations:
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NGC 2000.0NGC 832

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