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NGC 7809



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The second KISO Survey for ultraviolet-excess galaxies. I
Not Available

A redshift survey for faint galaxies towards voids of galaxies.
We present the redshift and photometric data of a survey forintrinsically faint galaxies towards three nearby voids and the Herculessupercluster. The project is aimed at finding galaxies of absolute faintmagnitudes or of low surface brightness within these voids. Theselection of the voids and the search strategy for the galaxies areoutlined. B and R magnitudes, major and minor diameters, as well as themorphology are determined. The diameter distribution of the galaxies isdiscussed. Optically measured redshifts of 174 galaxies are given. Mostof the galaxies found show emission lines and late-type morphology.Several have low-surface brightness features. Our survey identified ahigher percentage of nearby galaxies than magnitude or diameter limitedsurveys.

An extragalactic database. I - The Catalogue of Principal Galaxies
The Catalogue of Principal Galaxies is described, which lists equatorialcoordinates (for the equinoxes 1950 and 2000) and cross-identificationsfor 73,197 galaxies. The 40,932 coordinates have standard deviationssmaller than 10 arcsec. A total of 131,601 names from the 38 most commonsources are listed. In addition, mean data for each object are givenwhen available: 49,102 morphological descriptions, 52,954 apparent majorand minor axes, 67,116 apparent magnitudes, 20,046 radial velocities and24,361 position angles. This information was used for facilitatingproper identification. Finally, distribution options are explained.

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Member of following groups:

Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:00h02m09.40s
Aparent dimensions:0.479′ × 0.398′

Catalogs and designations:
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NGC 2000.0NGC 7809

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