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NGC 4199



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Studies of the Second Byurakan Survey Galaxies. I. Mergers, Interacting Systems, and Close Pairs
This paper reports on a study of the morphological characteristics ofseveral samples of galaxies drawn from the 1401 objects which comprisethe Second Byurakan Survey (SBS). These samples have been chosen toprovide information for studies of the relation between galaxyinteractions and galaxy star formation activity. Our samples include 110SBS galaxies in 107 mergers, 58 SBS galaxies in 47 interacting systems,and 49 SBS galaxies in 30 close pairs (projected separationsΔD<=50 kpc and radial velocity differences ΔV<=600 kms -1). Data are also presented for eight SBS galaxies formingfour wider pairs (ΔD<=100 kpc and ΔV<=700 km s-1), and 15 SBS galaxies forming five triplets (ΔD<=100kpc and ΔV<=900 km s -1). Four, and possibly anotherthree SBS galaxies, may be satellites of larger galaxies. Finally, sixother SBS objects are possibly H II regions in their host galaxies.

Galaxy coordinates. II. Accurate equatorial coordinates for 17298 galaxies
Using images of the Digitized Sky Survey we measured coodinates for17298 galaxies having poorly defined coordinates. As a control, wemeasured with the same method 1522 galaxies having accurate coordinates.The comparison with our own measurements shows that the accuracy of themethod is about 6 arcsec on each axis (RA and DEC).

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Member of following groups:

Observation and Astrometry data

Constellation:Ursa Major
Right ascension:12h14m49.00s
Aparent dimensions:1.023′ × 0.724′

Catalogs and designations:
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NGC 2000.0NGC 4199

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