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IC 4744



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Nuclear spectra of polar-ring galaxies
We report the results of spectroscopic observations of eight southernpolar-ring galaxies (PRGs), in the wavelength range 5900-7300Å. Wefind that five out of eight galaxies contain LINERs or Sy nuclei. Takinginto consideration all PRGs with available spectral data, we estimatethat about half of all PRGs and PRG candidates have either LINER orSeyfert nuclei. The observed widths of the [Nii]λ6583 line in thenuclei of early-type PRGs follow the linewidth-absolute luminosityrelation for normal E/S0 galaxies. We found that one of the observedgalaxies - ESO 576-G69 - is a new kinematically-confirmed polar-ringgalaxy with a spiral host.

Photometric properties of galaxies in the cluster DC 1842-63
Results are presented from photometric and kinematic observations of thecluster DC 1842-63, including total magnitudes for 174 galaxies, surfacephotometry and bulge-to-disk ratios for 31 galaxies, and redshiftsmeasurements for 20 galaxies. The mean cluster velocity is found to be4437 + or - 78 km/s with a cluster velocity dispersion of 507 km/s. TheX-ray luminosity of the cluster is shown to be 3.0 X 10 to the 43rderg/s in the 0.5 and 4.5 keV band.

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Member of following groups:

Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:18h41m55.10s
Aparent dimensions:0.631′ × 0.389′

Catalogs and designations:
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ICIC 4744

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