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IC 4528



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The Revised Flat Galaxy Catalogue.
We present a new improved and completed version of the Flat GalaxyCatalogue (FGC) named the Revised Flat Galaxy Catalogue (RFGC)containing 4236 thin edge-on spiral galaxies and covering the whole sky.The Catalogue is intended to study large-scale cosmic streamings as wellas other problems of observational cosmology. The dipole moment ofdistribution of the RFGC galaxies (l = 273 degr; b =+19 degr) lieswithin statistical errors (+/-10 degr) in the direction of the LocalGroup motion towards the Microwave Background Radiation (MBR).

An image database. II. Catalogue between δ=-30deg and δ=70deg.
A preliminary list of 68.040 galaxies was built from extraction of35.841 digitized images of the Palomar Sky Survey (Paper I). For eachgalaxy, the basic parameters are obtained: coordinates, diameter, axisratio, total magnitude, position angle. On this preliminary list, weapply severe selection rules to get a catalog of 28.000 galaxies, wellidentified and well documented. For each parameter, a comparison is madewith standard measurements. The accuracy of the raw photometricparameters is quite good despite of the simplicity of the method.Without any local correction, the standard error on the total magnitudeis about 0.5 magnitude up to a total magnitude of B_T_=17. Significantsecondary effects are detected concerning the magnitudes: distance toplate center effect and air-mass effect.

Flat galaxy catalogue
A systematic search for disklike edge-on-galaxies with a diameter largerthan a = 40 arcsec and a major-to-minor axis ratio a/b greater than 7was carried out by means of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey and theESO/SERC survey. As a result, we present a new catalog of flat galaxies(FGC) containing 4455 objects and covering about 56 percent of the wholesky for the first time. The catalogue is assigned to study large-scalecosmic streamings and other problems of observational cosmology.

A list of some corrections to Zwicky's Catalogue of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies
Not Available

A survey of the Bootes void
In an earlier paper the authors inferred the existence of a void in thedistribution of galaxies in the constellation of Bootes. In this paper,a redshift survey undertaken to test that hypothesis is described.Galaxies were selected by eye from 283 small fields distributed betweenthe three original fields, and redshifts were measured for 239 of them.The existence of a large, roughly spherical void, of radius 62 Mpc,centered at alpha = 14 h 50, delta = + 46 deg, v = 15,500 km/s isconfirmed. The low density of this region is of high statisticalsignificance and does not appear easily reconcilable with any of thepopular models for the growth of structure in the universe. This voiddoes contain some unusual galaxies characterized by strong,high-excitation emission spectra, but not in sufficient numbers tocompensate for the absence of more usual objects.

A redshift survey of IRAS galaxies in the Bootes void area
Results of a redshift survey of IRAS galaxies in a 73 deg-squared regioncovering about 1/6 of the Bootes void area are presented. None of the 22newly observed IRAS galaxies are located within this void. The 60-micronluminosity function obtained from these data and those of Vader andSimon (1987) is in good agreement with previous determinations.

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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:15h00m32.70s
Aparent dimensions:0.832′ × 0.174′

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ICIC 4528

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