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IC 2562



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An H I survey of highly flattened, edge-on, pure disk galaxies
We have undertaken an H i 21-cm line survey of 472 late-type, edge-onspiral galaxies using the Nançay Radio Telescope and the GreenBank 140-Foot Telescope. Our targets consisted of highly inclinedspirals with large disk axial ratios and little or no bulgecomponent-i.e., highly flattened, pure disk galaxies. These objects wereprimarily selected from the Flat Galaxy Catalogue (FGC) of\cite[Karachentsev et al. (1993).]{K93} Most were classified as Hubbletypes Scd or later, with an emphasis on the largest angular size andlowest optical surface brightness objects in the FGC. Our detection ratewas ~ 50%, underscoring that relatively small, gas-rich, moderate-to-lowsurface brightness pure disk spirals are an extremely common constituentof the nearby universe. Our data also suggest that the most highlyflattened spirals are primarily isolated systems. The majority of ourdetected galaxies had no previously published redshifts or H I data.Here we present H I parameters for the 239 detected sources and 45marginal detections, together with search limits for the undetectedgalaxies.

The Revised Flat Galaxy Catalogue.
We present a new improved and completed version of the Flat GalaxyCatalogue (FGC) named the Revised Flat Galaxy Catalogue (RFGC)containing 4236 thin edge-on spiral galaxies and covering the whole sky.The Catalogue is intended to study large-scale cosmic streamings as wellas other problems of observational cosmology. The dipole moment ofdistribution of the RFGC galaxies (l = 273 degr; b =+19 degr) lieswithin statistical errors (+/-10 degr) in the direction of the LocalGroup motion towards the Microwave Background Radiation (MBR).

Flat galaxy catalogue
A systematic search for disklike edge-on-galaxies with a diameter largerthan a = 40 arcsec and a major-to-minor axis ratio a/b greater than 7was carried out by means of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey and theESO/SERC survey. As a result, we present a new catalog of flat galaxies(FGC) containing 4455 objects and covering about 56 percent of the wholesky for the first time. The catalogue is assigned to study large-scalecosmic streamings and other problems of observational cosmology.

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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:10h18m54.50s
Aparent dimensions:0.661′ × 0.447′

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ICIC 2562

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